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Asset Valuation Asset valuation is the process of assessing the value of non-current assets, in particular those that produce cash flows. Asset valuation is commonly performed prior to the purchase or sale of an asset

Business Plan Business Plan is a written document that describes in detail how a new business or existing business is going to achieve its goals. A business plan will lay out a written plan from

Business Valuation Business valuation represent what owners could reasonably expect the market prices of their businesses to be in a transaction. Businesses need valuing for a variety of reasons such as potential sale, shareholder exit,

Payroll and HR Administration Services Paying staff is an important but time consuming monthly task. We offer corporates, small to medium sized enterprises and business owners a professional approach to this sensitive cycle. With our

Fixed Assets Inventory It is very important to properly manage tangible fixed assets within an organization. Most small and medium businesses today have no proper asset records and tracking system in place. This results inaccurate

Finance Department Outsourcing “Business Finance and Audit” LLC can perform the full accounting and administrative functions for clients, providing continuity of service and more time to concentrate on their core business. An outsourced finance department

Accounting Small and medium businesses now face tough competition and need to have strict controls over their finances. This is only possible with solid accounting function which may not be available in-house. Benefits of the

Accounting Policies Accounting policies and procedures define how companies record and report their financial information. They help accountants to treat transactions in a standardized manner. Accounting policy acts as a roadmap for the application of

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