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Asset Valuation

Asset valuation is the process of assessing the value of non-current assets, in particular those that produce cash flows. Asset valuation is commonly performed prior to the purchase or sale of an asset and for financial reporting purposes.

There are three traditional approaches for determining asset’s value:

  • The market approach – comparing an assets’s characteristics with those of comparable assets that have been recently sold in similar transactions;
  • The cost approach – relying upon the economic principle of substitution of asset;
  • The income approach – quantifying the present value of future cash flows associated with ownership of the asset.

While conducting a valuation we consider all relevant approaches. We have experience of valuing various types of tangible assets such as land, buildings and constructions, plant and equipment, machinery, vehicles, computers, office equipment and furniture. We have experience and expertise in a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, services and others.

We involve professional valuers to carry out a survey and research the market pertaining to your particular asset. We ensure that you receive a well researched, accurate and complete valuation report.

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