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Fixed Assets Inventory

It is very important to properly manage tangible fixed assets within an organization. Most small and medium businesses today have no proper asset records and tracking system in place. This results inaccurate financial reporting, unplanned capital expenses and higher risks of theft.

We perform professional fixed asset inventory services for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. Our team can quickly and accurately collect comprehensive, up-to date fixed asset inventory data by conducting onsite physical inventory. Our service involes following stages:

  • Classification and zoning of client’s properties;
  • Identification, count and tagging of assets;
  • Compilation of fixed assets register;
  • Development of manual for future use.

Our register will contain all necessary information for managing company’s assets including classification groups, locations, main technical parameters for valuation, year of acquisition, responsible departments and persons, current condition of the asset and photo. All assets will be tagged using special labels, containing a bar code and human readable version of the asset tag for easy identification and count.

Furthermore our specialists may additionally perform valuation of inventorized and counted assets.

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