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Labor and Employment Law

Labour legislation of Azerbaijan is mostly characterized with favoring employees’ rights that makes of importance to pay special attention to the employment contract and parties’ mutual agreement. Especially, some cases where the boundaries of labour and civil law are so blurred that professional approach needed for solutions necessary for the needs of the employer and (or) employee.

What we offer:

BFAA’s Labor and Employment team provides its clients with a customized preventive and consultative services, as well as in administrative and judicial litigation. Among the areas where we work are:

  • Preparation and analysis of employment contracts, and other legal documents such as collective bargaining agreements, internal policies (Code of Ethics and etc.);
  • HR management consulting;
  • Advice on foreign employment contracts and expatriation of employees; 
  • Representation of parties in employment disputes;
  • Preparation of defense in legal proceedings and a personalized follow-up on cases at all courts; 
  • Flexible solutions for hiring personnel with best possible cost-saving options;
  • Legislation compliance as a consequence of employment;
  • Establishing payment matrix systems;
  • Drafting HR Policy and Procedures;
  • Attestation of employees; wrongful discharge of employees;
  • advising on other employment-related issues.

Furthermore, we provide legal support for job-seekers and employers for obtaining work permit, or consultancy for work permit exemption, as well as application for residency based on work or work permit exempted operations.

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