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Payroll and HR Administration Services

Paying staff is an important but time consuming monthly task. We offer corporates, small to medium sized enterprises and business owners a professional approach to this sensitive cycle. With our comprehensive knowledge of the related legislation we simplify the process of payroll so that businesses can focus on their areas of expertise.

Our team can help clients negotiate the Azerbaijani payroll and labour law regime, which has strict penalties for failure to comply. Given the sensitivity and changing regulatory requirements of payroll operations, many of our clients choose to outsource their payroll processing functions to we allowing their administration staff to be freed up to do more profitable tasks.

The benefits include:

  • Processing is done on a cost-effective, negotiated fixed fee basis in accordance with pre-agreed timetables;
  • Our team keeps fully up to date with legislative requirements and changes on behalf of our clients;
  • We liaise directly with the labour, tax and social security authorities in the event of their queries.

Payroll services include:

  • Gross salary calculation in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including overtime, offshore allowances, vacation, sickness allowance, bonuses, etc;
  • Gross to net – calculation of taxes, social security conributions and other deductions;
  • Distribution of payslips;
  • Net to gross calculation;
  • Preparation of salary payment documents.

Human Resources Administation services include:

  • Preparation of employment contracts;
  • Electronic registration of employment contracts;
  • Calculation of business trip allowances;
  • Preparation of various internal orders;
  • Termination of employment contracts.
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